Prof. Dr. Dominik Brodowski, LL.M. (UPenn)


C source code for the NRLMSISE-00 empirical atmosphere model

The NRLMSIS-00 (sic!) empirical atmosphere model was developed by Mike Picone, Alan Hedin, and Doug Drob. It describes the neutral temperature and densities in Earth's atmosphere from ground to thermospheric heights.

(quoted from ) - you can find a longer explanation of this model there, too.

Source Code Availability

The authors of NRLMSISE-00 have released a FORTRAN version which is available at

Based on the Official Beta Release 1.0 (NRLMSISE-00.DIST12.TXT) Dominik Brodowski wrote an implementation in C. The C release you can find here is updated to the Official Release 2.0 (NRLMSISE-00.DIST17.TXT).

Legal Notice

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Please inform the maintainer of the C release (Dominik Brodowski - of any patches and bug-fixes you implement for NRLMSISE-00 so that this C package can be updated with these improvements.

more recent changes are documented in the git history
20040322: fix gtd7d output if sw->flags[0] is set (noted by Dr. Vasiliy Yurasov)
20041227: bugfix against memory corruption (Donald F. Linton)
20070727: bugfix concerning DFA being masked (Stacey Gage)
20100516: bugfix concerning Argon densities (Dr. Choliy Vasyl)
20131225: fix comment on switch 0, silence compiler warnings (David F. Crouse)
20150329: use fabs() instead of abs() (David F. Crouse)
20151122: gcc5 fixes, spelling fixes (Jacco Geul)
20170830: fix some compiler warnings (Steven Queen)

Downloads - Source Code

The source code is available in a git repository accessible at git://, which may be browsed at If you click on "snapshot" there, you can download a tar.gz containing the contents of the repository.